How The American Society For Asset Protection Can Save Your Family From Asset Risk

At the American Society for Asset Protection, we have noticed an alarming and growing trend. Families that have worked hard to establish a solid nest egg, and to build their wealth, are losing a great deal of it. Sometimes it is to scams, such as phony protection programs and investment schemes. Other times it is to hefty taxes and program fees they didn’t understand before making financial decisions. In the worst cases, it is identity theft that leads to a drain on their accounts.

In each of these situations, there is one factor that seems to be at the heart of it: people don’t know how to properly protect their assets. That is where we come in. Believing that education is the foudnation to financial security, we offer our services so you can be completely informed about securing your wealth.


We do this in three ways.

Customized, One On One Support

Have you ever gone to look at an asset protection program, and been faced with dozens of papers to fill out with limited instructions? This is the same kind of misstep that leads to making the wrong decisions for your financial future. For all you know, you could be practically signing away your wealth to scammers, under the guise of securing it.

At The American Society For Asset Protection, we believe that our clients deserve the very best. That means a customized, detailed plan, explained at each step by our experts. All counseling is done on a one on one basis, so you can know you are in good hands.

Fully Informed Planning

In addition to this support, we go a bit further in our approach to protecting your assets. We don’t just want to look at your accounts. We want to know you and your family well so we can better understand your situation and needs. This is an important part of creating a customized plan, as even small details can have a huge impact on how you need to protect yourself.

For example, you and another client could both have printing companies, making approximately the same amount of profit each year. But if they are registered as a corporation, and you are registered as an LLC, there could be significant changes in how we create an asset protection plan.

Always There For You

Finally, we are always there, day or night, to answer your questions and deal with your concerns. There is something wonderful about having someone at your back, always ready to help. We at The American Society For Asset Protection are in your corner, and we won’t let you down.