How The American Society For Asset Protection Plan Differs from a Growth Kit Scam

When you have worked hard to build your business and your wealth, you likely want to make certain that everything you have worked so hard for will be protected. Unfortunately, in today’s extremely litigious society, a new lawsuit is filed in the United States every 30 seconds, and 100 million lawsuits are pending in the nation’s courts every year.

How Asset Protection Helps

With asset protection, you can make certain that capital gains, estate, property and excessive income taxes will not decimate your estate. You can also protect your family, property and business from the financial disasters brought by lawsuits. Unfortunately, many people who have worked hard to build their wealth are targeted by individuals who promise them fraudulent growth and asset protection. However, true asset protection offers real peace of mind.

How We Differ from a Growth Kit Scam

A genuine asset protection firm makes certain that you have all of the necessary information you need to protect your assets from the reach of creditors, taxes and lawsuits. Several key differences can help you understand how these differ from the various growth kit scams out there.

  1. Growth kit scams offer one-size-fits-all solutions – Con artists often try to sell one-size-fits-all kits with the idea that the same solution works for everyone. The problem with this is that every single person’s asset picture and protection needs differ by the types of assets they own, the types of businesses they have and whether or not they work in a profession that requires a professional license, among many other things. An experienced team of lawyers and tax professionals understands that each person’s situation is unique. They offer an individualized approach, consulting closely with you in order to create your own kit, customized specifically for your overall estate picture. We offer the help of associates who are experts in tax law, estate planning and protection from lawsuits.
  2. Growth kit scams do not offer ongoing help and one-on-one consulting services – Our clients cannot finish asset protection in one simple step. It involves the management of stacks of paperwork throughout the process while also establishing your business entities. As your business grows, so will your needs for additional protective structures to shelter your assets. Growth kit scams simply involve turning some cookie-cutter paperwork over to you without on-going help or any consulting. A reputable firm offers individualized assistance throughout this process, advising you during every step. In order to best assist you, seasoned associates can answer any questions and address your needs to protect your assets. In contrast, sales representatives sell growth kit scams and then promptly move on to their next victims without staying to assist the buyers.
  3. Not every asset protection kit is fraudulent – Many growth kits and asset protection kits are scams, but others, like those offered by reputable businesses, are clearly not. Instead, they offer clients solutions to address the whole picture, including tax planning, estate planning, risk management and asset protection.

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